By Karim Naguib

CEO | neGma

“neGma is a Tier III, SSAE SOC 2-Type 1 Data Center”

A What?

While some might know exactly how important this is, and what it means, many do not! There are a few very important factors making the SSAE extremely significant, and serves to illustrate the steps neGma has taken to keep your network processes stable, fast and safe!

What is the SSAE?
This is an acronym for Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements, no. 16. This iteration is the most recent standard of attestation, by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Why is the SSAE important?
Simply put, the SSAE is a third-party objective investigation into the organization, workings, processes, securities and protocols etc., that are currently in place with a given business. It observes and documents how things are setup, implemented, executed and protected; during which suggestions are made, if needed, on best practices and how to increase them in that business’ implementations.

What are the benefits of the SSAE?

  • Objective recognition that best practices are being observed, and that the business in question had been investigated and recognized as well-ordered, trustworthy and safe. The “SOC 2” designation means that our security practices have been scrutinized, especially as they pertain to data safety.
  • It provides the ability to perform outsourcing services for Public Companies, as they frequently are required to use a SSAE qualified provider, as it is the only way to give investors assurance over controls that are not performed by the the client company.
  • Public and Private companies are more likely to trust your organization with their data.
  • As mentioned above, it provides an objective third party to review your controls and activities to ensure they are functioning appropriately, and give advice on how to improve upon them.
  • Improves performance of the organization.

neGma strives to be like a great fortressHow does this affect our customers?
The SSAE report serves as a stamp of approval. It means that we have been recognized to be very diligent and thorough in our practices, which means that our customers–and those evaluating us–can rest easy, knowing that the services and securities we provide are of the highest quality; and that what we say about our services and operations are actually true. Our goal is be like a great fortress protecting your network and data.

Photo by Richard Timberlake

If you are looking for colocation, managed services, IT consulting, or simply someone to come by to insure that everything is running smoothly at your offices, reach out to us for more information! neGma will provide you better pricing, hardware and support. Period.

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