By Karim Naguib
CEO | neGma

In the last few weeks, I’ve spoken to a number of salespeople: returning calls/emails, answering questions, scheduling, etc., and was surprised that in nearly each of those instances, some comment was made in passing about the fact that I actually responded to them with an answer or update. When I asked what usually happened, I learned that most leads–especially those who may not be interested–usually “ghosted” on them, fading in to silence…Ya know, kind of like the hottie I once thought was smiling at me, but when I approached her and said hello, apparently scared the crap out of her, thereby realizing she had not, in point of fact, been looking at me, but rather beyond me, probably to the hop-heavy craft beer listing impeccably scrawled on the wall in front of which I had been standing, confident in my ability to not look like a guy who was about to scare the crap out of a hottie (not a perfect analogy, mind you, but the reader may possibly sympathize enough to understand the point.)

This got me thinking: Have we become so desensitized, that we no longer think to maintain good manners–and, dare I say professionalism–in this scenario?

It doesn’t take much effort to return a call or email (certainly not as much time, perhaps, as staring at the screen or voice mail listing, rolling your eyes and smirking, thinking through the reasons for which not to respond, and then bolting to the employee kitchen for a refill on your Kuerig gingerbread latte flavored coffee.) Oh yeah–and don’t forget that it’s also polite… I mean, I’m not advocating that one keeps extended that boney little pinky finger of theirs whilst responding… (of course one may certainly choose to do this, as a private bit of classiness.)

It might also be argued that, most likely, if we eliminate the uncertainty felt by those seeking from us a response, that they may actually leave us alone, because they have an answer–at least for now. (Oh sure, you’ll get drip-campaigned in to some other communique stream, but at least you’ll have a little more time before the next official spurning of their service advances.)

Therefore, as we approach Christmas and the start of a new year, let us all band together: hotties, notties, and all, making a commitment to ourselves and the brother/sisterhood of humanity, to channel therefore that friendly spirit of Emily Post, maintaining professional etiquette by being responsive and kind. And yes–that’s an extra bit, that I slipped in there at the end: we should also be nice.

Now about that pinky…

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