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3CX Phone System is an excellent way of reducing your telephony costs compared to an analogue PBX/PABX as annual maintenance and support costs are reduced due to an engineer not having to be dispatched to your premises when there is an issue. You can save additional costs by switching to 3CX Phone System as new extensions can be provisioned individually instead of a costly expansion module having to be purchased, as is the case for many of the analogue alternatives. In addition, it is easier to provision and maintain than it’s analogue counterparts and it is easier to move offices as no configuration changes are required.

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3CX is the developer of 3CX Phone System, the only software-based PBX for Microsoft Windows which not only replaces proprietary phone systems, it also delivers a complete Unified Communications solution as it’s an open standard software based IP PBX which can be integrated with other applications running on Windows (MS-CRM, Exchange, Office 365, etc.).

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