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Back up your business, not just your data!

Synology Active Backup for Business (ABB), the modern backup & instant recovery software allows us to back up unlimited Windows endpoints, VMware, Hyper-V and file servers.  It also has a feature for Mac endpoint backups.

  • Centralize PC/MAC backups
  • Bare-metal backup & recovery
  • Physical Server Backups
  • File Server Backups
  • Virtual Machine Backups

Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows solves these issues and also closes the gap that some enterprises face with large, heterogeneous environments and further enables workload mobility by delivering availability for cloud-based workloads.

Enterprise-level backup and recovery

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows adds the same proven guest processing engine found in Veeam Backup & Replication™, which helps bring the power and flexibility you need to ensure availability for your physical Windows workstations and servers, through:

  • Active full backups
  • Application-aware processing
  • File indexing and search
  • Instant recovery to Microsoft Hyper-V VM
  • Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication*
  • Server-specific scheduling and retention
  • Synthetic full backups
  • Transaction log backup for databases
  • And more!

After an initial full backup has completed, Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows performs incremental backups — copying only new or changed data blocks since the last backup cycle. This means your backups will be fast and use as little storage as possible.

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