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storage area network (SAN)The rapid adoption of cloud hosting & virtualization technologies by IT organizations has been remarkable. It has ushered in one of the most profound changes in technology architecture since the introduction of client-server computing. These new computing models have also helped to address some of the most pressing challenges faced by CIOs over last two decades, including:

  • Surging data traffic that must be processed and stored
  • Demands for higher levels of IT agility as business conditions change
  • Imperatives to optimize utilization of resources to reduce costs
  • Complex integration initiatives that tie together internal and external computing resources

neGma, together with our partners, provides a realistic approach to Cloud Hosting computing, and offers the following capabilities:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – Transform classical hosting models to offer private data centers.
  • Saas (Software as a Service) – Enable your software to use a utility model.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) – Offer unique capabilities for your software platform to be used by developers.
  • VDIaaS (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as a Service) – Unleash your Desktop and Mobile Devices while reducing costs.

We’ve helped several of companies implement comprehensive enterprise-wide cloud hosting and virtualization roadmaps. neGma’s cloud hosting and virtualization services leverage our framework to deliver technology and process transformation and improvements in IT infrastructure maturity to support your business goals. Our technology experts stand ready to:

  • Design virtualization programs for server and storage systems so that you can consolidate your infrastructure
  • Service-enable key processes by using cloud computing models to integrate people, processes, and technologies while breaking down technical silos that hinder agility
  • Implement governance practices and controls that allow you to protect the integrity of data and applications in this new computing environment
  • Establish a framework that supports continual improvement and lays the foundation for innovative developments in technology or business process design

Contact us today to meet with one of our virtualization and cloud subject matter experts to learn more:

  • Identify which applications are well-suited for a virtualized environment
  • Receive guidance on whether public or private cloud hosting is right for you
  • Expert consultants will help you decide, provide the plan, and get you there

Public and Private Clouds offer the capability to build a self-service and IT infrastructure ready to handle rapid resource provisioning and peak demands. With Virtualization as the foundation, Cloud Computing can offer the following:

  • Green computing by lowering energy costs
  • Agile Services and clearly defined SLAs
  • A new operational model that is simple and encapsulates complexity
  • Faster time to market for critical business application deployment
  • Better cost modeling and chargeback methodologies
  • Improved ability to handle peak demand


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