Firewall & Intrusion Prevention

Firewall & Intrusion Prevention help to keep your network & data safe

The insatiable demand for information and communication is increasingly at odds with IT security and business risk. This has led to a whole new generation of firewall technology that, according to Gartner, are “no longer a commodity”. Expert capability is required to specify and manage a next-generation firewall, keeping up with ever changing threat conditions and vulnerabilities. To remain effective, a firewall need to be monitored, tested and upgraded as new services and applications are integrated. It’s a specialist task, and one that can distract your key people from their true operational priorities.

firewall flow

We will work with you to ensure your security policies are clearly defined and updated regularly.

neGma firewall implementation and management

neGma can design, deploy and maintain a firewall solution installed either on your premises or “in the cloud” and configured by firewall experts, as defined by your company security policy. Furthermore, our advanced firewall solutions also incorporate Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) systems that work in tandem to alert and protect networks from malicious attacks. These systems react in real-time to prevent unwanted activities from reaching your network, whilst still allowing all other authorised traffic to pass undisturbed and unthreatened.

neGma Managed firewalls and advanced firewall services allow you to deploy an effective firewall & intrusion prevention security solution without the time and cost burden of managing it yourself. We will work with you to ensure your security policies are clearly defined and updated regularly. As part of our comprehensive security policy solution, we will inspect your entire network perimeter to define any potential vulnerability.

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