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About Our IT Consulting Services

neGma offers IT Consulting services tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our IT Consultants work with you to develop a strategy, set goals, and build a developer network, whether internal or external. We’re able to help you with all your IT consulting needs—from domain name selection to branding, all aspects of your corporate identity and communication requirements are addressed! Our methodology is one of collaboration, helping to form new strategies for getting to market faster and transforming your relationships with business partners and customers.

Our consultants work with you to develop a strategy and set goals tailored to your specific business and technology needs.  

neGma offers standard-based service solutions, allowing you to better utilize emerging technologies, enhance inefficiencies and maximize the value of your IT consulting investments. Dealing directly with you, we provide services that are based on metrics and tailored to your specific business and technology needs. Our approach allows us to accurately scope and staff your needs, which helps drive down costs and decrease the time to delivery!

Methodology and Approach

In addition to IT consulting, neGma Professional Services  includes in-depth expertise and experience in market research, project management, IT Integration, and customization programming—all developed over many decades and thousands of client engagements. We’ll work closely with you to design and implement the results-oriented feedback systems that are right for your organization, on budget and on schedule, ensuring rapid return on your investment. Specifically, these services help you establish an overall feedback strategy for your enterprise; design questionnaires, sampling rules, and survey invitations; implement and deploy feedback processes; monitor results; deliver analytics and reporting; and prioritize action plans.

As a result of its unique combination of customer research expertise and Enterprise™, Negma Professional Services has evolved a five-stage methodology and approach for designing and implementing enterprise-wide feedback solutions intended to generate deliverables that lead to the next stage:

  • Identify key stakeholders and touch points to include in your feedback processes
  • Identify sources and determine required sizes of samples for each stakeholder segment
  • Select methods for inviting and gathering responses for each process
  • Determine roles and responsibilities of each project team member
  • Confirm and document both enterprise and departmental/functional objectives.

At a scheduled kick-off meeting conducted either face-to-face or via online conference, your project manager will work with you and other project team members to confirm program objectives, identify inputs to questionnaire design (e.g., past surveys, WebFocus groups, internal mini-surveys), and develop project plans to ensure success.

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