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What if you could recover server processes “nMinutes” after a crash?

The ability to offer clients a faster way to restore their main server systems after a crash or a state of being unreachable.

It usually takes approximately two to three hours and sometimes days to rebuild a Windows 2003/2008 server to a fully functional state upon installing server patches, antivirus software, adding to a domain, restoring files and adding any necessary software applications.

This solution would eliminate the rebuilding process and only require restoring of items that were changed / modified since the last snapshot of the server/system. The hours/days go down to minutes of restoring a server back to a fully functional state.

Use Case

Server A is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with 2x 500GB hard drives
– Applications the server is running
– Exchange 2003 with 45 users
– All user files/company files
– Backup Software application
– Antivirus Software
– Quickbooks 2010
– Third-party ERP system
– File backups
– Domain controller for the company

The physical server above would be imaged into a virtual instance onto a Virtual Host at the client’s office or at a data center location. The Virtual Host would have to be configured with sufficient hardware specs for the client’s needs.

Once a week, an image of the physical server will take place, keeping a two, three or four week snapshot. The virtual instance is a fully functional system that can be turned on at any point in time and is reachable from any network.

At the point of a disaster occurring, that of a non responsive server, inability to gain access to the server, etc., the latest snapshot of the virtual image would be turned on/booted up within minutes of identifying the server is unreachable. Restoring the latest data is the easy part of the process. Restoring the latest backups and only restoring files that have been modified since the last image was taken which is either a day’s worth or a week’s worth, once again eliminating restoring gigabytes/terabytes of data upon a rebuild of a system.

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