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Get Expert Help At Your Fingertips With Remote Desktop Support

We’ve all been there—trying to finish a document, or working with a customer when suddenly something breaks. With Remote Desktop Support, neGma is able to jump in to action and offer assistance when it’s needed most! neGma will install our special keyboard quick-key shortcut and remote help software, that will notify us when you need help! When you’re in need, simply quick-key to open the software dialogue box, and send us a support ticket describing the kind of help you need, and we’ll take care of the rest!

What does remote desktop support cover?

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of some of these, below—you’re ready for us!

  • lost or deleted files and need them recovered (requires previous backup)
  • computer infected with a virus
  • computer “slows down”
  • computer freezes or keeps restarting
  • the “blue screen of death”
  • printer won’t print
  • Wifi goes down
  • onsite network goes down
  • pop-up ads appearing on your screen
  • security certificate warnings
  • USB connection support

What are the benefits of using Remote Desktop Support?

Supporting your staff to help maximize their productivity is paramount to a company’s success. You basically have three choices: Increase your IT resources (or start them), expand responsibilities to cover the need, or outsource your support to specialists whose primary function is desktop support who are always available and knowledgeable. 

Happier staff, and more knowledgeable – Consistent and easy support will always produce happier staff members! But with that expectation of help, there is the added benefit of the interaction with trained, professional, remote desktop support personnel. Simply put, they’ll learn more about their computers by helping and working with a technician who may need them to perform simple tasks as part of the solution.

Happier IT techs – Your current in-house team knows that daily desktop support can easily derail their day, drawing them away from the more technical tasks of caring for servers, application support, security, and other network resources. Remote desktop support technicians can mitigate this inefficiency by assisting remotely, and freeing up your IT team to focus on larger technical needs and projects.

Cost Savings – What if you could hire a team of desktop support technicians for the cost of just one? Here’s an example. Let’s say you have 50 end users. For the cost of just one technician you could hire a whole team that never calls in sick, never goes on vacation, and you don’t have to pay them benefits!

Speed – Staff can quickly connect with an agent via our support software and quick-keys, allowing help to arrive more quickly. In-house technicians frequently need to stop working on a task, project, or service ticket to offer assistance elsewhere.  Alternatively, the staff member may have to wait longer periods of time for help. Remote Desktop Supports gets the job done when it is most important—the time of need!


Remote Desktop Support can help to provide happier staff, technicians, and even lower your support costs! neGma has been supporting our clients for over 23 years, helping thousands of staff members along the way. Isn’t it time you had some help too?

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